No Rubber Chicken Event - July 3, 2014




JULY 3RD, 2014


You are Invited to NOT Attend!

If you DIDN'T attend last time, you'll enjoy it even MORE this time!

DON'T save the date, save your time instead. However you look at it,DON’T come to

The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival’s

No Rubber Chicken Event,

which will NOT take place on July 3rd.

It’s NOT an auction, NOT a gala, NOT yet another rubber chicken dinner.

So what IS it?!

It’s the return of our creative fundraiser with a twist!

Instead of asking you to spend money on a ticket, a manicure, a babysitter, parking and drinks at a cash bar – not to mention how much your time is worth - we invite you to invest that money directly into StreetFest and its accessible programs.

In return, you get to enjoy a relaxing pre-festival evening at home - while helping to keep StreetFest on the streets where it belongs.

Everyone wins!

Here's How it Works:

At various times leading up to the July 3rd No Rubber Chicken Event, you’ll receive an Enewsletter like this one. Each Enewsletter will present new opportunities to support the Festival.

Today you can “BUY A TICKET” for $50 by going to our No RubberChicken website page where we have a PayPal Non-Person ready to take your online order. In our next Enewsletter, another fun offer will be made to add to your Non-Event fun!

What you DO get is:

A tax receipt

A chance to help a wonderful cause, where the money raised goes directly into supporting StreetFest and its programs.

A fun and interactive in-joke for fans and supporters of the performing arts in Edmonton. 

Who is NOT performing?

By buying a ticket to the NoRubber Chicken Event, you WON'T have to sit through this 80's underground anthem by "The Fools." You can just enjoy it in the comfort of your own home and your own computer screen. Or make it stop whenever you please.

Note: NO live chickens were harmed in the making of this video. Just a few rubber ones.

>> Watch "Psycho Chicken"!

Announcing our Non-Event CHAIR!

We are thrilled to announce that the CHAIR of the inaugural NoRubber Chicken Event has agreed to stay on for No RubberChicken II. Perfectly suited for our Non-Event, it's lazy but strong and supportive! You can be too! Buy your Non Event Ticket today!


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